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The Love, Sweat, & Fears EP

Written, performed, and produced by Maria Tuadi, this EP is an exploration of contemporary RnB and Soul singing, narrated by an Indonesian-American girl raised in SoCal. Featuring the single, "Still", which was recently named a Session I 2016 Grand Prize Winner and Lennon Award Winner in the R&B Category of The John Lennon Songwriting Contest

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The Love, Sweat, and Fears CD

With bonus tracks, a foldout lyric poster, insights into the composition of each track, and designs created by Maria Tuadi, this physical copy of The Love, Sweat, and Fears EP is something you're going to want to pop into your car stereo or your old cd player. You know, the one with the Lisa Frank and/or Vans "Off the Wall" stickers all over it! So, get yours today.

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Maria's notes about the cover:

" After hearing Robyn perform "Call Your Girlfriend" on SNL, I knew I wanted to do something with it. I wanted to flip it on its head, and hear the other woman's words come out of the girlfriend's mouth as she confronts her boyfriend. I wanted to humanize the girlfriend, and have her unleash the lyrics onto the listener.  I wanted her to have a voice. So, I thought of my version of "Call Your Girlfriend" as the continuation of Robyn's story--the never-before-heard epilogue of the girl who got burned. The result was the transformation of a dance classic into a soulful contemporary RnB ballad. I hope it gives you the same feels I had while recording it!"



+a collaboration+

I wrote this song after being inspired by those who marched on January 21st (1.21). After failing to join the march that day, I felt I needed to re-evaluate my priorities, and figure out how I could still contribute to this movement. The answer I found was collaboration. SO, this is a call to artists of all mediums to contribute to this track. It's a scary world right now, and I think it is the time to voice our beliefs and stand up for one another. To use this these next four years to figure out what we stand for. So, I hope you'll lend your various talents to this project.

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