No matter the time
Whether day or night
Believe in yourself
And let your light SHINE!

As the Director of the 6th Annual Indonesian Culture Night at UCLA, I wrote and developed an original play(Shine )that incorporates Indonesian traditional and contemporary dance, music, and themes for the stage. I also got the chance to direct a cast of non-actors for the first time, build and head publicity, finance, prop, costume, photography,and videography committees, create schedules, and coordinate with the Indonesian Consulate--all within a 2-month pre-production period. 

About: Shine was a way for us to showcase the diverse communities within Indonesia that make the country special, as well as open up a dialogue between the various groups of Indonesians in the US and abroad within a satirical, tongue-in-cheek play about a girl's navigation in the land of beauty pageantry. The one thing I wanted the audience to take away was that the world can be a dark place at times, but when we communicate with each other, we shine just enough for the next person to find their way to the light of their own understanding. 


Amrita Lolong
Joshine Wongso
Irene P. Argandari
Charissa Hanafi
Natsha Siri
Olivia Budiman
Brenda Kristie
Inez Darmawan
Emi Ino
Kevin Suhendra
Tyler Overvold
Evan Burhan
Felicia Tjong


Producer: Hans Sebastian
Writer & Director: Maria Tuadi
Talent Liasion: Winston Muljadi
Stage Manager: Vincent Basoeki
Showcase Leader: Brenda Kristie
Fiscal Coordinators: Reisa Soedarsono and Claudiya Wijaya
Lights & Sound Engineer: Jonathan Liem
Props Master: Reisa Soedarsono
Makeup: Felicia Osadi and Feliana Osadi
Wardrobe: Shanya Norman
Props Crew: Kevin Christian Halim, Maria Tuadi, Hans Sebastian, Shanya Norman, Reisa Soedarsono, Winston Muljadi *not pictured Andrew Pang, Geraldi Gunawan, Jonathan Liem, and Emily Liem
Publicity Team: Amrita Lolong, Shanya Norman, Jonathan Solichin, Irene P. Argandari
Finance Committee: Valentia Angelin and Ashley Kusuma
Camera Crew: Johanna Mort, Reid Taguchi, Bradian Muljadi, Zoe Sandoval, and Raza Rizvi