Hi, My name is Maria Tuadi.

It's nice to meet you.



I got my start in music as the lead singer and a songwriter of an Alt-Hip Hop band, The Bricks, put together by the Los Angeles Human Relation Commission and Oneness Initiative: Project One. As a part of the band, I wrote and performed socially-conscious music for at-risk youth in detention facilities, high schools, and benefits at The Roxy, UCLA’s own Mighty Mic: Battle of the Bands, and The House of Blues on Sunset alongside artists such as John Forte of The Fugees, Broken Ornaments, Bambaata Marley, Freddie Gibbs, Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, and Allison Iraheta + Halo Circus; received mentorship from producers and performers in the industry such as Grammy Award-winning producer KC Porter (Santana, Ozomatli), JB Eckl (Santana, En Vogue),  DJ Khalil (Eminem, Dr. Dre), Money Mark (Beastie Boys), DJ C- Minus (Korn), Big Duke (Psycho Realm), Scarab (Living Legends), Erik “Blu2th” Griggs (Chris Brown, Jordin Sparks), Kacee Clanton, and Immortal Technique; and released an EP of original work called “This Land” which addressed issues such as Xenophobia, Homophobia, and Sexism. After graduating from UCLA Film, the band and I split ways to explore our own sounds. I released a solo EP labeled, “Love Sweat, and Fears” with songs written, played, and produced by me and featuring artwork designed myself. I have since successfully raised a Kickstarter campaign for a music video, produced two new music videos, and performed as a featured artist for Tuesday Night Project’s Summer Chill Show, Keep TN Free, The John Anson Ford Awards, KALX's "The Next Big Thing" and KPFK’s “Flip the Script”. She has also been featured in articles for The Daily Bruin, Indonesia Media, and AmerIndo.

Featuring my single, "Still", which just received the Lennon Award for R&B  and was named Session I 2016 Grand Prize Winner in the R&B Category of The John Lennon Songwriting Contest with 4 more songs written, performed, and produced by me, my solo EP, Love, Sweat, & Fears, is about that journey. You can find out more about the EP here

Special thanks go to my mentors and influencers throughout the years: such as the mother who raised me on her own, Mama Tuadi; the significant other who patiently stood by me as I grew into myself on this adventure, A.Pang; my old bandmates from The Bricks LA; and the constant believers and supporters from Project One, rIKU Matsuda and Fidel Rodriguez; as well as the donors who made it possible for me to acquire the gear and confidence that allowed me to produce this EP on my own. 

I'd specifically like to credit those behind the Jennifer Momtazee Memorial Scholarship, the 2014 Peter Stark Memorial Scholarship, Dana and Albert Scholarship in Memory of Robert J. Natol, and the Alan Jacobson Award who inspired me to make the content on this EP an honest, conscious, and uplifting project.

This is just the beginning. I hope you enjoy the sounds because there's much more to come.